Hundreds of New Education Titles AVAILABLE NOW!

You may have noticed some big additions to the Comics Plus Library Edition Catalog over the last few weeks — today we’re going to talk briefly about one of our most important, and often underappreciated, categories for comics — EDUCATION.

Late last year our Education category maxed out at roughly 300 titles — but today that total has grown to 780!!!  

That’s a LOT of new comics!  

You’ll find some of these titles on our front page – but we encourage you to dig deep into these new additions.  Here you’ll find all kinds of things from “How to Draw” books, historical and popular biographies, and even titles that explain concepts like “Global Warming”, “Cell Phone Technology”, and many others in an entertaining and easy to understand way.

We’re proud to have these amazing additions to our catalog, and we hope you and your patrons will find them useful!

Take a closer look at EDUCATION today and see what gems you can uncover!

Bumblebee – Recommended Reading

The Transformers are one of the hottest properties in all of media, and Hasbro Studios has hit it out of the park once again with their latest theatrical release – “Bumblebee” – which hit theatres in the US on Christmas Day. 

Fans of the Transformers franchise have a LOT to be excited about when it comes to Comics Plus, since there are hundreds of Transformers stories featuring all of their favorites — but today we’re going to focus on the little yellow VW and his first solo adventure from IDW Publishing.

“Bee”, as he’s called by his friends, who supports his classic look in this series, finds himself leading a group that believes him to be unprepared for the job.

An opportunity to radically improve the Autobots reputation arises and he accepts despite his reservations, embarking on a clandestine mission for the human military to find and disable all remaining rogue robots.

Fans of the movie will find a slightly different, but equally as interesting, Bumblebee in these early Transformers comics, but it’s a great place for new comics readers to jump on and find out more about the extensive Transformers Universe that they can find inside Comics Plus Library Edition!


Bumblebee #1

Find out even more about everyone’s favorite Autobot in this action-packed mini-series from IDW Publishing!

Adventure Time #1

What time is it?!?  It’s time for your patrons to go on amazing adventures with Finn and Jake with the Adventure Time comics series from BOOM! Studios!